January 19, 2004

Altenahr is a small town nestled in the Ahr River Valley in western Germany.
'Ahr' has no direct translation to English. But Ähre in German means 'ear', so one
may surmise that the Ahr River was named after the sound it makes as it winds through
the steep sides of the valley it has carved over millions of years. Or not.

That valley today is the northernmost wine producing area in Germany. Mostly red wine,
which is delicious; fresh, mellow, fruity, and just dry enough. The Ahr valley also
produces some fine eiswein, weather permitting (see page 3).

This day, we took the Seilbahn (chairlift) up one side of the valley and hiked for
a few miles above and around Altenahr.

If you are ever in this part of Germany, start here, and follow the Ahr to the Rhine.
Fotos from that trip are here.

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