Impressions of Köln

photos by Detlef Braun

written by Jim Girard
and Detlef Braun

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German to English reference:

Altstadt - old city; the oldest area of the city
Brücke - bridge
Dom - The Main Cathedral in Köln
Hauptbahnhof - Main train
Köln - Cologne

Dom, the Main Cathedral in Köln, from the rear
taken from Heinrich-Böll-Platz

Historical note: Heinrich Böll (1917-1985) was a famous poet from Köln. Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972

His motto: "Meddling is the only way to stay relevant"

Köln Hauptbahnhof

Köln Hauptbahnhof
Meddled with by Jim Girard

Köln Hauptbahnhof
This shot and the rest were meddled with by Detlef Braun

Dom and Hohenzollernbrücke
mirrored in the Hyatt Hotel windows

Hohenzollernbrücke is a rail bridge that takes one over the Rhine from the west directly into Köln Hauptbahnhof

And right there is Dom

Hohenzollernbrücke und Kölner Dom

Blaue Stunde
(Blue Hour)

From left to right: Illuminated Museum Ludwig, Kölner Dom, Hohenzollernbrücke, the blue Rhine River, and the thin blue line on the Rhine and under the bridge of a coal barge's positional lamp (20 second shutter speed)

Köln Messeeingang
or in English: Tradefair people's entrance

Emperor Wilhelm I
surveying faster means of transportation

From right to left: Hauptbahnhof, Museum Ludwig, Dom, the communcation tower, Saint Martin Cathedral, Altstadt in the middle and a coal barge on the Rhine

A view of Köln from Deutzer Brücke

Wilhem I und
die ICE bahn
(Inter City Express train)

Painted Dom on a building at the Media Park
Not a reflection

St. Aposteln, Köln

Started in the 11th Century, St. Aposteln became a masterpiece of Romanesque-Hohenstaufen architecture

Köln is an incredible city, steeped in history and rich in architecture.

Danke, Detlef Braun, for sharing your wonderful photos. It is with pleasure
that I post them here

Jim Girard

January, 2003

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