Cornwall, England

August 24th - August 29th, 2013

One view of Falmouth Harbor from The Boathouse, circa 2013, but, looking through the lens of history long before there was The Boathouse,
and Falmouth Harbour looks the same as it did hundreds of years ago. OK, the boats are a bit different...

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Stars crossed over Falmouth.

Eric's, Nick's and ours.

Eric was going to play at Nick's Place, er, The Boathouse. In August. In England.

We live in Western Germany, so, Falmouth isn't that far, right? We decided that this was a 'must do' thing.
Meeting two fine friends in a place I'd never been. Ulla had been there 20 years ago, so, she drove and I navigated.
Sometimes, you just have to do these things while you can. The once per week flight from Lufthansa from Düsseldorf to someplace
an hour or two north of Falmouth would have cost us more than a flight to the US, so, we drove our trusty Citroen C4 with the
beautiful diesel engine that gets around 60-70mpg, and that worked out better.

Do not view this in one sitting. This is an immense archive of photos. We got lucky
with the weather. Enjoy!

-Jim Girard, September 1st, 2013

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The Trip To Falmouth

We drove from Düsseldorf, through Belgium, Holland and France to Calais where we boarded a ferry, car and all,
and traveled across the misty English Channel to Dover, England. On approach to Dover, I got my first view of the famous
'White Cliffs of Dover', sort of.

I also got my first experience with truly crappy English weather, so, the photos of the
White Cliffs are not very good, and the downpours we experienced on the highways between
Dover and the London loop were not very nice as well.

But, 7 hours after landing in Dover, we arrived in Falmouth in Cornwall at 9:45pm. In the rain, still...

The Boathouse

Perched high above Falmouth Harbor, The Boathouse, or, Nick's Place, as we call it, offers stunning views,
and a lovely (<----picked up that word in England) variety of locally made Cornish brews.
I have never been to a town, or an area, like Cornwall, where ALL of the brew is excellent!

Nick was a most gracious host as well. We had a fine time at The Boathouse, er, Nick's Place!

Eric at the Boathouse

Scenes from Eric's performance that Sunday and Monday, mostly from Sunday night. Brilliant, as usual!

St. Mawes

Eric, Ulla and I took a ferry from Falmouth, across the harbor to St. Mawes, where very rich people live,
in search of a restaurant which was in a different town, nowhere near there. Nice day, nice to be out on the water,
and if we hadn't run into some hikers coming from the direction in which we were headed, we'd still be hiking...

Falmouth Maritime Museum

I'm an old sailor from way back and found this museum to be fascinating. Ulla? Not quite the same level of fascination.
But, our entry tickets are good for one year, so, I guess we have to return to Falmouth within the year to really get our money's worth
at the Falmouth Maritime Museum. Very sneaky tourist tactic...

Nick's Keg Cellar

All beer and ale and cider is not brewed equally, but the folks in Cornwall do it all very well.
Nick will have to explain most of this, like he did to us, on our private tour of The Boathouse's,
er, Nick's Place's keg cellar. Complex stuff, and wonderful.

Pendennis Castle

Cornwall encompasses the most southern and western bits of England, meaning that it was an ideal place for either the French or the Spanish
to invade. Except, Falmouth Harbor is highly defensible. Quote from Wikipedia: "Pendennis Castle is one of Henry VIII's Device Forts,
or Henrician castle, in the English county of Cornwall. It was built in 1539 for King Henry VIII to guard the entrance to the River Fal on its west bank,
near Falmouth." Nick was kind enough to take some time off one afternoon and give us a guided tour, complete with history, which we found fascinating.

Night of The Lizard

Nick was also kind enough to take us to The Lizard, which is an area south of Falmouth, to explore some pubs
and a restaurant on the ocean which used to be a coast guard station, and to enjoy some of the best brews and fresh seafood
I've ever had in my life. And I'm from Boston, the new one, not the old one we passed on the drive down...

Trip Home - Real White Cliffs of Dover

On the way back to Germany, the weather was wonderful, again. We got very lucky with the weather on this trip, aside
from the first day and night's driving in England. Warm and sunny. So, on the way back across the Channel,
I was actually able to take photos of The White Cliffs of Dover, unimpeded by English weather.

So, Nick! Thank-you very much for a wonderful time, and, Eric,
it was great to see you perform and be happy in some place that was not Corralejo.

We should do this again. And our Maritime Museum tix are good for a year...

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