May 28th - June 11th, 2009

One view from El Cotillo

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The Story

"The waves still keep on waving
And I still keep on going..."

Enya, "Anywhere Is"

Fuerteventura sits in the Atlantic Ocean, just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, about
80 miles off the coast of Morocco, Africa. It's one of the seven islands of the
Canary Islands volcanic archipelago.

I highly recommend having a look at this MAP before going any further on these pages.
Clicking on the menu items on the left side will show you where Fuerteventura is,
and where all the places are that I present on these pages.


We'd been visiting the Canaries for years, as it's only a four-hour flight from
Duesseldorf, Germany, and the islands are fascinating. And sometimes even warmer than

We'd stayed in Playa Blanca, on the southern coast of Lanzarote, a few times, then that
got over-built. We did Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife a few times, but, there's no easy
beach near there, and driving up and out of the town is not easy. Got my photos of both
islands, and started to look for a place where we could really relax in the Canaries.

I noticed Corrajelo, on the very northern tip of Fuerteventura, on a map and thought,
'Hmmmm... That might just be far enough away from the maddening crowd of British and
German tourists to allow us a dull moment...'

Corrajelo has been provided on-demand dull moments, and exciting ones, ever since.

We've been there four times now, and can't wait to return. We've made a lot of nice
friends there, and now Corrajelo feels like home away from home.

On this trip, I was finally able to get out and about, and went kind of nuts with the camera.
I'm using a Canon Powershot SX10-IS with a monster 20x zoom lens these days, and I'm
loving it. Best camera I've ever owned. I added a 32GB super speedy SanDisc memory card
which allows me to take pretty much an unlimited amount of very high-res photos - and
movies, recorded in stereo sound.

So, below, I warmly invite you to wade, poke, peep, slog, or skip through 542 of the
1300+ shots I took on our latest trip to Fuerteventura on the most complex website I've
ever written. I thought about writing into pages to tell the stories behind the photos
but nixed that thought almost as soon as it occurred. Who wants to read when you
can just look at the pictures? They speak for themselves anyway. Feel free to
add comments on the Guest Books!

-Jim Girard, June 23, 2009

The Photos
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6 shots

Our destination. Corrajelo is on the very northern tip of Fuerteventura.
111 shots

El Cotillo
El Cotillo is a scenic little town on the NW coast of Fuerteventura.
60 shots

Betancuria is nestled inside a plethora of volcanic mountains in the middle west
of the island. It's the former capital and it has a fantastic restaurant, Santa Maria.
57 shots

Shots of the Canary Island directly north of Fuerteventura
10 shots

Hotel Hesperia Bristol Playa
The wonderfully accomodating hotel where we stayed for two weeks (4th time there!)
We rented an apartment, not just a room, cooked our own dinners, and simply totally
enjoyed the overall experience.
103 shots

We stopped in this little town for one reason - to shoot the Hands...
3 shots

Imagine Live Music Bar
7 nights a week, Eric Sijpestijn performs live music on more instruments than
you can Imagine... He's often joined by Chris, who manages the club, and Ronnie,
both great guitars players in their own right.
80 shots

Rogues Gallery
'We don't need no stinkin' sports on TVs!' Derek and Jo provide a wonderful environment
where the lost art of conversation is the focus. Best coffee on the island to boot!
22 shots

El Jable
El Jable is a Saharan-sand-covered wasteland just to the southeast of Corrajelo.
It's also home to some of the best beaches on the island, and where Ulla earned her tan.
33 shots

Wide Angle Shots
The monster 20x zoom lens on my Canon Powershot SX10-IS allows for a wide-angle shot
option. These shots are the results from my experimentation with that option.
34 shots

23 shots

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