November 22-29, 2003

Every photo here has a story behind it. However, in the interest
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The photos have also been intentionally digitally altered for the web.
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If you think of Italy as a boot, then Calabria is the area from the ankle to the toes.
On the northeast is the Tyrrhenian Sea. On the southwest is the Ionian Sea. Both
are part of the Mediterranean Sea.

We stayed in Tropea, which is on the north side on the knuckle of the boot. We
drove all over Calabria, from one coast to the other, up and down volcanic arroyos, across
the flatland in the middle, and back. Calabria has two extremely steep volcanic mountain
ranges, one on each coast, that extend deep into the center from both directions. The range
on the southeastern side is immense, but, both are pretty impressive when you see how
people built roads (the Romans) and towns on sheer cliffs.

It's also dead quiet in the middle, which is extremely unnatural when you are used to a
life of ambient sound. That, and the views, are what I liked best about Calabria.

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