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Lipari Cemetery

Lipari is one of the Seven Sisters of the Eolie Islands. The
Eolies are located roughly 33 miles WNW of Tropea, Italy, in the
Tyrrhenian Sea, which is part of the Western Mediterranean.

This islands are all volcanic in origin, and include Europe's
most active volcano - Stromboli.

After lunch and a our own tour of Marina Corta, we had an hour
to kill before our boat left. We came across this most extraordinary
cemetery, very close to the pier. Two things stuck in my mind:

The incredible artwork, and the obvious class hierarchy.

If you were poor when you died, you might get a box in a wall.
If you were rich, you might get your own house higher up the hill
festooned with statues.

In the end, I could only think that despite the efforts of the rich,
everybody wound up just as close to God and Heaven.

Jim Girard, November 25th, 2003

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