March 2006: In like a lion...

These photos were shot on March 26/27th from our balcony in Düsseldorf. We had a horrific
warm front plough through sitting cold air which caused tornadoes north of here, and two
deaths in Hamburg (crane operators who were killed when their cranes blew over).

These shots were taken at the warmest time of day, early evening, when the heat from the sun
is raising havoc with the atmosphere. Since the sun is low in the sky, it illuminates the clouds
from the side and from underneath, which makes for very interesting effects.

Now we are awaiting the '...out like a lamb' part...

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Note: These photos have not been modified, except for resizing for the web.

011 3/27/06 4:41 PM
012 3/27/06 7:02 PM
013 3/27/06 7:02 PM
014 3/27/06 7:03 PM
015 3/27/06 7:03 PM
010 3/26/06 4:47 PM
016 3/27/06 4:15 PM