Provincetown and Cape Cod Light

August 13, 2001

Many thanks to Lisa Durland, who made this trip possible!

On this day, it was close to 100 degrees, the humidity was instant sweat,
but Lisa and I decided to drive from Harwich to Provincetown and see what there
was to see. Perhaps if she didn't have a drop-top Saab, we might
have spent the day at the beach, submerged... It was HOT! ...but the Saab was cool...

So, off we went.

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On the way to Provincetown...
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Click to see dunes4.jpg
...and more dunes...
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This sign means that
the beach is publicly accesible
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Just off Commercial Street,
looking toward the Pilgrim Monument
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Commercial Street
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Provincetown Town Hall
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Circa 1790, figurehead with an
eye on the crown...
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1670 meets the
21st century
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Where's the T?
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The little kid on the
back of the bike was thinking
the same thing I was
A whole lot of huh?
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More Shop Therapy
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Making steam with sound:
A high frequency
from a tiny speaker
boils the water
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The Harbor
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Pier Pressure
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WWI Monument
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Get the ball...
Click to see getball2.jpg, really!
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...or not...
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Very happy and gay community
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Work in P-Town
Long Point Light is in
the background. That is the very
end of the Cape
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Cape Cod Bay
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From Race Point to P-town
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The lighthouse at Race Point
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Race Point Light
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20-25kts, steady
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Highland Light...
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...also known as Cape Cod Light...
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...and there is a golf course,
military radar, and the
Jenny Lind Tower, which was
moved from Fitchburg to Truro in 1927
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Cape Cod Light,
from the ocean side...
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...from the land side...
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...and in 1996 because of erosion...
Click to see cclightrock.jpg was moved
Click to see cclightrock.jpg
Then there were bubbles...

Cape Cod is an incredible place, and, like any incredible place, it's full of very curious people and sights.
Bring a camera...

people have traipsed over these hot dunes with us to date