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Schloss Dyck

Schloss Dyck is about 21km SSW of Duesseldorf. It is part of the European Garden Heritage Network.
Click here www.eghn.eu for more information about that.

Here's a quote from the EGHN tourguide booklet for Rheinland:

"Schloss Dyck looks back on more than 900 years of history, having been a center for garden art and
landscaping since the founding of the Schloss Dyck Foundation in 1999 as well as the anchor garden for
the Rhineland Garden Route. The Wasserschloss Dyck is in a picturesque, landscaped English garden. Divided
among four islands, the castle and the front courtyards obtained their Baroque look in the 17th century.
After careful restoration, the Schlosspark now appears as designed in the early 19th century by Thomas
Blaikie for Prince Joseph zu Salm-Reifferscheidt-Dyck. Displays of garden art and activities such as the
nightly "Illumina" in the park, concerts and the garden markets underscore the location's special atmosphere."

We went there more to take advantage of a beautiful, sunny day, October 8th, 2006, to have a look at a
completely different kind of castle. The grounds were fascinating, but I found more interest in the light,
reflections, symmetry and architecture of the structures. Those are the shots you will find below.

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