Tenerife 2005

Tenerife is the largest island in the volcanic Canary Island
archipelago. You can see where they are in relation to Africa by
clicking here.

In March of 2005, we went back for a visit to Hotel San Telmo
in Puerto de la Cruz, where we'd stayed once before.
We like San Telmo because it's in the heart of Puerto de la Cruz,
and Puerto de la Cruz gives easy access to the entire island.

Tenerife is one massive volcano.

On these pages you will find all sorts of shots from all over
Tenerife, some in unusual circumstances, like snow...

Facts and Figures:

El Teide is 12,198 feet at its cone. It is the highest mountain in
Spain, even though it's not really in Spain geographically, but,
politically, it is.

The Observatories are at an elevation of about 7,828 feet.

The Anaga Mountain Range in the east is at about 3,360 feet at its
highest, but it's straight up and down. It feels much higher,
especially in a rented Punta without the wings option...

Puerto de la Cruz is, obviously, at sea-level...part of it...
where we were, anyway... Just behind it is El Teide, looking down
from 2 miles in the air.

At night, we were below the clouds. During our excursions, we
were above them.

On the pages below, please click on any photo to see the full picture.
The photos and their thumbnails are very high resolution and will
take a moment to load. I did that on purpose so you can see exactly
what we saw. -Jim Girard